Blockman Gets

Blockman Gets 1.0

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A puzzle take on PacMan


  • Fresh take on a classic game
  • Easy to learn


  • Graphics are very basic


There are lots of PacMan-like games and clones out there, but it's a rare thing to find an original take on the idea.

Blockman Gets takes the ghosts out, and makes the game a kind of logic puzzle instead. You now play Blockman, who suitably is square not round, and he still wants to eat dots. With no ghosts to avoid, it should be plain sailing, but now the hungry Blockman dies the moment he moves into space without a dot.

Every level gives you a target of dots to eat before you can move on. You move around one dot at a time, and you can never go backwards, as you can only go where there are still dots. Eat a pill, and the maze refills all the dots. There are more additions too, like boulders, that need to be moved around without crushing Blockman.

The gameplay is really simple, and the new concepts are well explained in-game as they appear. It's difficult at first not to try and play the game like PacMan, but you are quickly killed doing this, so your tactics soon change!

Blockman Gets' presentation is clear and simple, and while there is nothing flashy about the graphics, they don't spoil the interesting gameplay.

If you enjoy puzzles, try Blockman Gets which is an addictive and fresh take on a classic genre.

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